New KTM SXF XC-F 250 350 125 MX Aluminum Super Cooling Racing Radiators 2017-19

  • $142.49

 Hi-performance Aluminum Radiator

New KTM 

SX-F 250/350  2016-18

 SX  125/150  2016-18

 EXC 125/300  2017

 EXC 250  2017-19

EXC 250/300 TPI  2017-18

 EXC-F 250/350  2017-19

 XC 250/300  2017-18

 XC-W 150/200/250/300  2017-20

SCR Super Cooling Rads

This radiators are heavy duty designed, Flow capacity is increased about 40% than standard radiator ,exceeds OEM specs.
The core of the radiator is welded in vacuum brazing furnace, no epoxy. The tanks are 100%  TIG welded 
Radiator are Finish by Full Aluminum polished ,Cap is included.

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